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Unlock Your Potential with OSIX Athletics

Are you ready to take your baseball skills to the next level?

Coach Omar Artsen, a former professional baseball player, is your guide on the path to excellence.

With almost a decade of pro experience on and off the field, Omar is dedicated to helping aspiring athletes reach their full potential.

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Expert Coaching from a Pro

  • College All-American
  • Conference Player of the Year and MVP
  • Almost a Decade of pro experience
  • Miami Marlins and the Detroit Tigers
  • Atlantic League Champion
  • 2 Time Leader Stolen Bases
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Elevate Your Game with OSIX Athletics: Unleash Your Baseball Potential

At OSIX Athletics, we are dedicated to transforming your baseball journey.

Coach Omar’s expertise, gained from years of professional experience and a commitment to holistic coaching, ensures that you’ll receive top-notch guidance to unlock your full potential.

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Unlock your potential by igniting your fast-twitch muscles. Elevate your speed and agility to perform at your best.


Enhance your approach at the plate, improve your timing, and refine your swing under the guidance of a seasoned pro..

Glove Mastery

Elevate your fielding and throwing skills to the next level with expert coaching and training.